Daniel Defense MILE Program

We are honored to provide discounted pricing to all active duty, veteran, and retired military and law enforcement personnel. Daniel Defense sets the guidelines for eligibility and in order to be in compliance with their guidelines, we must be able to prove the status of the end user. To become eligible the first thing you need to do is register an account on our website. Once that has been completed, please email us at support@interstateguns.com and ask us to update your account. If you email us from a non-government email address we will reply with a request for proof of service. This can be a copy of an ID card, a DD-214, or any other document that shows your military or law enforcement service. We will then update your account online and notify you via email.

Who qualifies for the DD MILE Purchase Program?

Law Enforcement

  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers
  • Retired L.E. Officers with "retired" credentials
  • Corrections, Parole, and Probation Officers
  • L.E. Academy Cadets


  • Active Military Personnel
  • Reservists and National Guard
  • Retired Military with "retired" credentials
  • Prior Service Military

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