Multitasker Twist - Multicam


If you are a big fan of the Multitasker Series 3 multitool but need to save space?

Enter the Multitasker TWIST!

Multitasker understands there may be times, or places, that you need to bring minimal gear. The Multitasker Twist saves space and weight by giving you the essentials.

Packed into the size of a permanent marker you’ll find an Aimpoint Micro sight adjustment tool, dental pick, 3/32′ pin punch, carbon scraper, pocket clip slotted screwdriver, front sight tool, Ten 1/4′ hex bits, and 8-32 thread adapter also compatible with pull-thru style cleaning kits.

The Multitasker Twist is extremely lightweight at 1.8 oz. (3.7 oz. with included bits). And in such a small package your carry options are limited only by your imagination. For a low profile stow and go placement, slide it directly into an empty cell in your PALS webbing.

Notable Features Include

  • Aimpoint turret adjuster on rear cap
  • Pocket clip is a light-duty slotted screwdriver
  • Heavy-duty dental pick with brass shank
  • 3/32 pin punch
  • Radial carbon scraper
  • M16A2 style FSP adjustment tool on a magnetic 1/4" hex bit holder
  • 10 1/4" hex bits and carrier strip
More Information
Overall Length 5"
Weight 1.8 oz
Handle Color Multicam
Grip Material T-6063 Aluminum
Suggested Use AR Specific
Tools Screwdriver, 3/32" pin punch, 1/4" magnetic bit driver, 4 prong FSP adjuster, Dental pick, Aimpoint turret adjuster, Radial carbon scraper
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